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Custom Case Mods:

Have us trick out your computer case or build your own custom PC at our custom PC building station.



Data Recovery:

OH NO!  Your PC will not turn on anymore.  What about your family photos?  We can recover your lost data and back it up to another hard drive, flash drive, or DVD.
(Conditions may vary outcome)



PC Checkup:

Is your PC starting to run slow?  Bring it in for a checkup.



Laptop Power Jack Replacement:

We can replace the power jack on your laptop computer.
(Prices vary based on model)




We run multiple tests during our diagnosis to make sure we find the problem.  We can figure out what is wrong with your PC.


Game Accessory Repair:

We clean and repair game accessories and controllers.


Pc Hardware Replacment:

We replace bad motherboards, processor, ram, power supplies, etc.



Restore your PC to factory condition.
(Conditions may vary case to case)


Virus Removal:

We guarantee you PC will be free of viruses before we send it home.


Call with any questions about our Services: