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Professional Experience

We have years of experience in computer repairs.  We can get your problem taken care of.

Software Repairs

Most of the time a computer stops working, there is some sort of setting that can be changed to fix the problem.  Sometimes these issues are caused by viruses, other times updates cause it.  In a few rare cases you click something you shouldn't have clicked and cannot reverse it.  No worries.  We can fix it.

Hardware Repairs

We do all of our hardware repairs in house on desktops and laptops.  Your computer will not be shipped off to some other facility leaving you waiting for shipment and wondering who will call you next with an estimate.  Your computer will stay right here at Route 66.  We can order any part we need to repair your computer.  If the part is available, we will get it.

a few words about us

IMG_2518Here at Route 66 Technologies you may notice our theme is not one that you may think would represent a computer sales and repair company. Our theme is not to represent what we sell it is about the service we provide.

See, what we strive for at Route 66 Technologies is the good old fashion full service quality that many people recieved at the many service stations on Route 66 in its hayday.

When you come into Route 66 Technologies you will be greeted and helped with the same full service attitude as you would have seen in the past. Great service is our #1 priority and look forward to helping you with any problem you bring in.


Our History


Route 66 Technologies opens its doors to the public!  Affordable, computer repair from a trustworthy, locally owned company becomes available.


We began to buy and sell used games and game consoles.  We also started to repair X-Box and Playstation consoles.


Route 66 partnered with a re-balling facility in New York where we would send X-Box and Playstation systems to be repaired.  We also remodeled Route 66 Technologies.


Route 66 increased our inventory.  We added a new electronics section.  Cartridge World partners with Route 66!


New computer building station.


Our future plans include opening more stores in the Kalamazoo area.